We live in an era where the most powerful and reliable source of information is the ‘Internet’. As per Google, nearly 77% of patients rely on search engine results to get information about healthcare and appointment booking. This also implies that Digital Marketing Services For Health Care have surpassed the traditional marketing methods and more and more people are turning towards online portals to conduct research on healthcare.

Simply put, you don’t necessarily have to be a genius to know how much the success of your healthcare business is dependent on your internet presence and brand promotion efforts. In fact, around 60% of the population all around the world uses search engines/online portals to find products and services of their choice. Both public and private healthcare firms have witnessed a change in how people seek medical assistance.

Did you know that the healthcare market is estimated to grow by 500% within the next six years? Recent studies show that approximately 6.75 million searches are made every day on the Google search engines regarding health-related issues. While digital innovations encourage many branding and opportunities for customer engagement, some healthcare service providers don’t transform their traditional methods into new advanced marketing strategies. The major for that is lack of time.

There is an old saying— Fishing is done where the fishes are; and in today’s digital world, potential patients live inside the digital world. The journey of the healthcare patient begins online. This is where Crown Hill IT Solutions shines as we help healthcare companies and their systems with digital marketing needs while they focus on the important things like patient service and care. Our Digital Marketing Services For Healthcare in Mohali assists healthcare institutions and firms in capturing new patients which ultimately helps in bottom line improvement.

Advantages of Digital Marketing Services For Healthcare

Healthcare Digital Marketing is basically the process of service promotion to people seeking healthcare via online platforms. Digital marketing could be a lucrative option of investment for your online healthcare services.

Nearly 88% of people look into online portals to gather information and 70% of people appear to be influenced by health information and make a decision for treatment. Digital Marketing paves a path for people to stay and communicate with new patients whenever they need help.

Therefore, we can say that Digital Marketing would be an excellent option for investment to promote your online healthcare service. We at Crown Hill IT Solutions have highlighted a few advantages of Digital Marketing Services For Healthcare:

Demographic Targeting

Unlike any other traditional marketing tactics, digital marketing solely focuses on targeting patients by their gender, age, location, and other such demographics. Doing this can bring a better-personalized experience to potential customers.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

The cost to acquire a new patient can be reduced by investing in a digital marketing company. As per a survey conducted by US vein practices, their reports demonstrate that about 68% of the most media channels used print, and about 30% used TV which was $314 – $348 per patient. Therefore, 50% of the overall cost can be cut through digital outreach.

Search Engine Visibility

Out of 20 Google searches, at least one search is related to healthcare. Nowadays, everyone uses the search engine to get information about health-related issues including, disease symptoms, wellness & care tips, medical centers, doctors or medical specialists, and other such queries. If you adopt effective Digital Marketing & SEO techniques, you can boat your online presence on search engines.

Data-Driven Decisions

It is highly challenging to keep track of the patient’s records and user experience in traditional marketing. But with Digital Marketing tools and strategies, you can easily get all the analytics and demographics of the patients and make decisions accordingly.

Patient Referrals

Unlike any traditional marketing, digital marketing allows you to make use of the tools and tactics to drive business leads for your healthcare service.

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