Many people unrelated to the world of Web Development are not familiar with the knowledge that there are various types of web developers in existence. Within the Web Development industry, we have at least a dozen of labels that differentiates us from the rest as per the skills and products created with them. Altogether, Web Developers can be compiled into 3 general categories each one of them satisfying the unique requirements in the website creation process for the global viewers to see.

Therefore, before moving any further, it is crucial for you to know that Web Design and Web Development are two separate fields. Web Design involves visual representation and looks of the website using certain designing software tools. On the other hand, Web Development constitutes building it with the help of coding (programming languages) and other development techniques.

To help you get a better overview of the Affordable Web Development IT Agency in Mohali Crown Hill IT Solutions have comprehensively shared some points given below:

  • ● Types of Web Development
  • ● Factors responsible for the selection of Web Development Programming Languages
  • ● Technologies used for the type of Web Development


So, let us discuss these points in detail which will give you a basic idea of the types of Web Development that must be chosen to develop your website project.

3 Types of Web Development – Full Guide

Before you understand the process of Web Development, it is important for youtube to get familiar with 3 major types of Web Development. So, let us discuss this further. It will help to understand the role of every Web Development type in creating web solutions.

Front-End Development

Front-End Development is also referred to as client-side web development. It is the process of designing the Website UI (User Interface) with Front-End Development programming technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Back-End Development

Back-End Development is also referred to as server-side web development. The back-end developers write codes and create logical parts of the website. It primarily involves a database, servers, back-end logic, and APIs. The programming languages used for back-end development are PHP, JAVA, SQL, Python, .NET, and Angular.

Full-Stack Development

Full-Stack Web Development is the development of both front-end and back-end. A Full-Stack Web Developer is a unique type of developer who can program and work on both front-end and back-end with knowledge of web development, web designing, database, and website debugging. The tech stack used for full-stack development are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git & GitHub, Browser Dev Tools, API, Programming Languages (PHP, Python)

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