A Front-End web developer is the one who creates the websites which give access to the users to interact with each other. It not only creates websites but it also focuses on creating applications which require a lot of procedures to deal with. It takes the help of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to formulate the designs. The basic aim of the Front-End development is to provide access to the users so that they can interact with each other. The work of the Front-End developer is visible very clearly when a user visits the website, so the first thing he/she sees is the work which the Front-End web developer has done.


Back-End web development is the opposite of Front-End web development. It truly focuses on the server-side software. Which means back-end operations. Back-End basically means all those things which are very necessary to do but the user does not know about these things because they are being done in a very close manner without the notice of users, So, in simpler terms, Back-End web developers ensure that the work is being performed correctly or not, all the functions being performed or not, maintaining the database, handling the databases, application programming interface, focusing on satisfying the user’s needs, nothing wrong in the servers, and many more. It is the responsibility of the Back-End to ensure all these things are done in a correct and efficient manner or not.


In the above two, we have talked about the software which is very important for every organization to use. But in the above two systems we have talked about systems or software. Now in this category, we are going to talk about Full Stack Web Developers, which use a person to do the work. It means a Full Stack web developer is a person who develops both the two very important things, and that is the client and the servers. To assimilate both things is a very critical task to be handled by anyone and this is the responsibility of the full stack web developer to do. A full stack developer needs to be very competitive and intelligent compared to others because he/she needs to master HTML, CSS and JavaScript. He needs to know how to use a browser like any other software to effectively manage things.

So, in conclusion, we can say that a Front-End web developer focuses on the things which the user wants to be perfect, like the icons which are visible on a website, whereas for a Back-End web developer, their focus is on the handling of all the back-end activities, which a user can, ’t see and in the last a Full Stack web developer is a person who handle both the clients and the server software which helps in building a good software to use. So these were some things which are very important for every developer to know and we got to know all these things with the help of Crown Hill IT Solutions.

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